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Garmin G3X in Cessna 182P

This aircraft was in need of a complete avionics upgrade. Garmin G3X EFIS display with a G5 EFIS as a backup. GMA345 audiopanel, GTN750Xi COM/NAV/GPS with Flight Stream 510 WiFI/Bluetooth interface, GNC255A COM/NAV 2, GTX335 ADS-B out transponder, GFC500 autopilot pitch/roll and pitch trim. The installation also includes a GEA24 engine to airframe module and we were able to re-use the existing EGT/CHT, fuel flow and oil temp sensors. Re-used existing fuel senders and BATT shunt. New manifold pressure, oil pressure and carb temp sensors were installed since the old JPI were not approved by the G3X STC. The old magneto RPM pickup was left in place and instead rpm is derived from the magneto P-leads. All 14V aircraft require the GAD27 voltage stabilizer 5-14Vin / 12V out that allows the G3X system to stay online during low voltage conditions like during engine start. The original cigarette lighter jack was replaced with a GSB15 USB A/C charger port. New instrument panel on the pilots side and a new overlay on the copilots side.  New antennas for COM1/2, marker, GPS and transponder. The Garmin equipment is installed using 8 ea different EASA minor changes or EASA STC’s.