Avidyne avionics

Avidyne has been around for many years. Perhaps most known for their TAS (traffic advisory system) but that is about to change… For complete Avidyne product line and more detailed information please visit the Avidyne website: http://www.avidyne.com/

Avidyne AMX240 Audio panel – Bluetooth® music and full-duplex cell phone interfaces.
Direct replacement for PS engineering PMA8000 Series and Garmin GMA340.

Avidyne IFD 440/540 touch screen WAAS GPS
FREE EASA STC available for IFD440/540! No additional EASA approvals required.
The GNS430 second hand price is very high and modificatin of a GNS430 to a GNS430W is simply investing money
in old technology. What about bluetooth and Wifi – well that’s integrated in the IFD series (software unlock IFD 440).
The IFD440/540 is a direct replacement for Garmin GNS430W/530W.

Avidyne AXP340 Mode-S transponder (ADS-B)
Direct replacement for King KT76A (and other King units).