COM 8.33kHz / Mode-S transponder

Upcoming requirements and suggested solutions


31 December 2017 – COM 8.33kHz channel spacing requirement: Regulation (EU) No 1079/2012 Link.

7 June 2020 (delayed) – Mode-S requirement for GA IFR: Regulation (EU) No 1207/2011 ammended 2017/386 Link

Is your aircraft IFR approved?
Part-NCO (Non commercial operations) Link
NCO.IDE.A.100 – Instruments, data and equipment
NCO.IDE.A.195 – Navigation equipment
“Aeroplanes shall have sufficient navigation equipment to ensure that, in the event of the failure of one item of equipment at any stage of the flight, the remaining equipment shall allow safe navigation”


COM 8.33kHz NAV/COM 8.33kHz COM/NAV/GPS Mode-S transponder
Garmin GTR225A

Internal frequency database

Garmin GNC255A

Internal frequency database and posibility to display DME data

Garmin GTN650

Garmin GTN750

Touch screen, free STC available

Garmin GTX335/345

335 ADS-B out (with GPS)
345 ADS-B in/out (with GPS)

Trig Avionics TY96

Available for immediate delivery!

King KX165A

8.33kHz 28V. In some cases direct replacement for King KX155/165/155A

Trig Avionics TT31
Slide in replacement for King KT76A. Free STC available.
Trig Avionics TY91

Small form factor

TKM Avionics

Claims they will have a King X155/165 replacement summer 2018. 

MX155 youtube video

Avidyne IFD440

Free STC available. Plug play replacement for GNS430W

Avidyne AXP340

Based on the Trig TT31 wich is known “to work just ok”. Also slide in replacement for KT76A.

Icom A220TSO

OLED display! Affordable standard size unit. Backed up by Icom Sweden, Swedish radio supply 2 year warranty.