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Garmin GI275 ADAHRS + AP

Repairing old vacuum driven instruments like the Bendix/King KI256 attitude indicator and KG107 directional gyro may become quite expensive. For those who have a fully functional working autopilot like in this case the King KAP100 the vac gyros may be replaced with 2 ea Garmin GI275 EFIS displays. The GI275 ADAHRS + AP version is able to emulate the KI256 attitude indicator signals required by the KAP100 series autopilots.  The acronym ADAHRS +AP means AD – Air Data, AHRS – Attitude Heading Reference System and finally, AP – autopilot. With dual GI275 ADAHRS instruments it is possible to remove almost all other instruments except for the ADF indicator (the GI275 is not able to display ADF bearing). In this case most of the old analogue instruments remain installed including the NAV2 CDI.