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Garmin G5, compassystem and attitude indicator.

In this particular case the VAC system and VAC attitude gyro remains installed (due to the Century IIB autopilot). Garmin GMA345 bluetooth enabled audio panel with intercom system, Garmin GTN650 COM/NAV/GPS with Garmin FlightStream FS510 WiFi/Bluetooth adapter that enables communication with an Ipad and the Garmin Pilot Software package, GNC255A COM/NAV as a backup and the Garmin GTX335 Mode-S transponder with ADS-B out. The owner plans to install the Garmin GFC500 autopilot but meanwhile he will be able to enjoy the GPSS function provided by the G5 adding new life to the old Century IIB autopilot.

Garmin G5, directional gyro replacement

Garmin G5 – the versatile replacement for VAC driven instruments. Below a picture of a Piper PA28 were we replaced the VAC driven directional gyro for a G5 HSI with a remote magnetometer and autopilot interface. We also installed a Garmin GNC255A COM/NAV. G5 HSI system (hardware only) is about $3100 compared to a CDI electro mechanical NAV indicator USD2300. The G5 has it’s limitations – it will not (fully) interface with 70’s technology so the attitude indicator had to stay – required by the old Century IIB autopilot.