uAvionix AV-30-C in Diamond DA40

Some early Diamond DA40 had electrical attitude indicator and directional gyros. When these units fail they may be quite expensive to repair so a good alternative is the uAvionix AV-30-C. Panel space and in particular depth behind the panel is very limited in the DA40 series. Hole spacing is not enough to accommodate 2 ea Garmin G5’s, and the G5 when installed as a directional gyro (HSI) requires a magnetometer.  The AV-30-C in its simplest installation requires nothing more than power and when installed as a directional gyro the pilot will manually “slave” the compass card on the AV30 to the correct magnetic heading using the magnetic compass as the reference. In this installation we removed the old OAT indicator and connected the existing OAT probe to the AV-30-C attitude for OAT and true airspeed. We also connected the existing King KLN90B GPS to both units so that we get additional information such as GPS track, ground speed etc.