Garmin GPS175 a replacement for Bendix/King KLN89B/KLN94

In this case the customers existing GPS KLN89B basically was out of service and the aircraft already had a King KX165A 8.33kHz COM/NAV and a Trig TT31 Mode-S transponder. The most affordable solution was to replace the KL89B for a Garmin GPS175 in the same location. In this particular case the installation was limited to VFR only since the annunciator/relay unit does not support glide slope which is required for a full IFR installation. The GPS175 was also connected to the TT31 transponder for ADS-B out. The GPS175 has a built in Bluetooth interface  that enables the pilot to send and received flight plans via the Garmin Pilot software for portable devices such as an Ipad.