Garmin GI275 digital indicator

The GI275 is available in 3 different versions. All indicators have capacitive touch screen with Bluetooth/WiFi. FAA certification and STC with AML (approved model list) is already completed and we are now waiting for EASA validation.

BASIC is used as a CDI or EIS (engine indication system). ADAHRS (air data attitude heading reference system) is used as a AI (attitude indicator) or HSI (horizontal situation indicator). ADAHRS + AP (autopilot)  is the same as the ADAHRS version but with outputs capable of driving a third party autopilot.

Depending on which version you choose additional accessories such as internal battery backup, OAT probe, magnetometer or engine adapter may be required.

The most recent software updates allow the GI275 to replace an existing VAC driven attitude gyro in an installation with a Century II/III autopilot.

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The GI275 received an EASA Approval with limitations (validated FAA STC) late december 2020.