Garmin GFC500 and GSA28 servo issues.

On May 4, 2023 Garmin published Service Bulletin 23024 Rev A. This service bulletin is applicable for all GSA28 servo’s with p/n 011-02927-11 and 011-02927-21 (without Mod 1).

This means that basically every GFC500/GSA28 servo we have installed up to this date is affected. Garmin has extended their warranty for all affected servos to 5 years starting from the publication of the service bulletin.

The Garmin warranty includes a replacement servo and 2.5hrs for the replacement of each servo. In some aircraft like the Piper PA28-181 servo replacement is quite straightforward but in other aircraft like the PA28 Arrow it will be quite complicated since all servos are in the absolute worst position (in the AFT section of the tail).

However the warranty does not cover any shipping, handling, work order preparation/completion, other work necessary to be able to do the replacement and we are unable to “work for free” so we need to invoice the full price of labor start to finish minus -2.5hrs per servo.

There is no immediate hurry to replace any working servos and who knows what other service bulletins affecting the GSA28 servo may show up in the future.

To clarify – there are 2 ea different service bulletins that affects GSA28 servos used in certified aircraft.

SB 22016 Rev B, is for p/n -11 and a certain serial number range (internal component failure that could cause “AP DISC indication”). Garmin considers this SB mandatory.  Warranty deadline was initially 28 February 2023 now extended in accordance with SB23042 Rev A.

SB 23024 Rev A, is for p/n all -11 and all -21 units not marked with Mod 1. Garmin considers this SB recommended.