Garmin G500 TXi in a Seneca V

One of our most recent projects was the installation of a Garmin G500 TXi in a Seneca V.  The installation includes a Garmin G5 as a backup indicator, GAD43e apater unit that makes it possible to display DME data in the PFD, altitude preselect functions for the S-Tec 55 auto pilot and pitch/roll stabilization for the King weather radar that is interfaced to the Garmin GTN750. Flight director outputs from the S-Tec are connected to the PFD. A standard G500 TXi includes a GTP59 OAT probe and a GMU44 magnetometer (heading reference).  Jeppesen and Garmin databases are synced using the Garmin Flight Stream 510 (WiFi) and Garmin Pilot software installed on an Ipad.