Garmin G5 digital attitude and/or DG

New arrival – first batch of Garmin G5 digital EFIS indicator’s.

The G5 can be configured as an attitude indicator and if connected to a Garmin GMU11 magnetometer it will also display magnetic bearing or may be configured to act as a compass system (HSI). The main unit has only 1 ea RS232 input port thus if used as an HSI the Garmin GAD29B will come in handy and expand the system with 4 ea ARINC 429 inputs. Traditional old NAV units with only analog outputs will not be compatible with the G5 but all modern units such as the Garmin GNS430/W, GTN650 and GNC255 will work just fine.

The G5 has a built in GPS that is required for optimum operation. In certified installations you must use an external approved GPS antenna such as the Garmin GA35 or supply the G5 with GPS data from an external approved GPS position source such as the GNS430/W, GTN650. In experimental aircraft and if you have a good GPS signal, the built in internal GPS antenna will do just fine.