Dual Garmin G5 Attitude/HSI

The Garmin G5 “mini” EFIS may be installed in many different combinations both in certified and experimental aircraft. The installation shown below included the removal of existing audiopanel, both COM/NAV’s and installation of dual Garmin GNS430 in combination with dual Garmin G5 indicators attitude/HSI as well as a remote magnetometer and Arinc NAV interface.  On top we see a Garmin GMA345 audiopanel with bluetooth connectivity and a USB charging port.

The G5 can not replace an attitude gyro that is connected to an autopilot like the Century II/III and Bendix/King KAP 100/150 series. KAP140 and Stec autopilots use the turn coordinator as the attitude reference and in these cases both the existing attitude and directional gyro may be removed so you can say goodbye to those old vacuum driven gyros.