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G5 and Avidyne?

The Garmin G5 is a non TSO part and must be installed in accordance with an EASA STC. The G5 STC defines all compatible units and the Avidyne IFD series are not listed. However the recent revision of the Avidyne STC lists the G5 as an approved display for the IFD440 series. We also installed a JPI EDM730 engine analyser with EGT/CHT/FF/RPM/Carbtemp sensors, 2 ea Appareo Stratus Power panel mounted USB chargers and a MaxPulse Wing tip LED landing light controller. The aircraft had an older GMA340 audiopanel that was replaced for a Garmin GMA345 audiopanel with automatic squelch, bluetooth interface and  USB charging port. The existing TT31 Mode-S transponder was connected for ADS-B out. The installation looks simple but is a combination of 4 ea EASA STC’s, 1 ea grandfathered FAA STC, 1 ea EASA Minor change and additional CS-STAN for those items not covered by STC’s.