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Garmin GFC500 Autopilot receives EASA approval

To read the full press release click the link > PRESS RELEASE
For more information about the Garmin GFC500 autopilot follow this link > Garmin GFC500

The GFC500 is a 2 axis Pitch/Roll autopilot with electonic pitch trim as an option and requires that the Garmin G5 EFIS is installed in the aircraft. For a full list of supported aircraft  Рrefer to the Garmin official website.


When size matters, Avidyne IFD540

The Garmin GNS430(W) has been the standard COM/NAV/GPS navigator for a couple of decades and may be found in many GA aircraft. However some think that the screen size of the GNS430 and also GTN650 is a little to small and there is not enough room for the large Garmin GTN750. In these cases the Avidyne IFD540 (Garmin GNS530 plug/play replacement) may be an option as seen in the picture below. If you have an Ipad you can download a Garmin and/or Avidyne simulator from the Apple Store free of charge.