FAQ – frequently asked questions

Suomi / Finland – 10 Year extension of 8.33kHz cannel spacing requirement!?
Good news? Perhaps? But after an additional 10 years some avionics will be 50 years old, is this ok?

20% Cashback – COM 8.33 kHz funding project – has been canceled !

Please refer to the IAOPA Web site for more information regarding the 8.33kHz Implementation Support Project.

Do I have to remove my old 25kHz COM from the aircraft?

No you dont – the unit and the installation will remain approved, however you may not use the old COM radio after 31 December 2017 on other than 25kHz channels such as the emergency frequency 121.50MHz or other 25kHz channels that remain in use such as Swedish air club channels, see AIC B 103-17

Do I need two (2 ea) 8.33kHz capable COM’s for IFR?

NCO.IDE.A.190 Radio communication equipment.
(c) When more than one communication equipment unit is required, each shall be independent of the other or others to the extent that a failure in any one will not result in failure of any other.

The regulation does not say how many COM units you need and may vary between countries.

Do I always need a 8.33kHz capable COM radio in Sweden?
It depends on what and were you fly. Certain club frequencies are exempt from the 8.33kHz mandate.

Refer to Swedish AIC B 103-17 Link

What (navigation) equipment do I need for IFR?

Aeroplanes shall have sufficient navigation equipment to ensure that, in the event of the failure of one item of equipment at any stage of the flight, the remaining equipment shall allow safe navigation in accordance with the ATS flight plan and/or the applicable airspace requirements, or an appropriate contingency action, to be completed safely.

Swedish AIP GEN 1.5 revised 17 August 2017

For Swedish requirements refer to AIP GEN 1.5 Aircraft instruments, equipment and flight documents.
This means that its up to the pilot to determine if the aircraft has the necessary equipment for the intended flight.

FM Immunity requirement for NAV VOR/LOC receivers

The requirement for FM immunity compliant VOR/LOC receivers dates back to the mid 90’s. Some older VOR/LOC receivers may not be used for IFR navigation and should be labeled accordingly. For example, Bendix/King KX155 Series with mod status 16 implemented are FM immunity approved hence fully IFR compliant. KX155 units lacking mod 16 are “VFR only”. See also LFS 2007:27 (ICAO Annex 10) Link

Do I need a Mode-S transponder?

The Mode-S mandate IFR was initially 7 December 2017 but has been delayed to 7 June 2020 for GA IFR.
However, some countries already require that a Mode-S transponder is installed.
Regulation (EU) No 1207/2011 ammended 2017/386 Link